Old Bottle Sea Glass of Maine

From Looky-Loos to Fans to Friends

Diving introduces me to some really interesting people. One of my favorites is a woman from Jefferson, Maine, who really knows the history of the area. While diving in the river that flows through the Jefferson village, I just had a feeling someone was on shore, so I popped up to see who was there.

Sure enough, there was a woman standing there who asked, “What’re you diving for?” I explained that I was looking for artifacts for my art, both whole and broken. She told me the site had ties to her family all the way back to the early 1800s. I ended up giving up a few artifacts to her, and this goodwill earned me an invitation to a super art show in the town hall the following spring. It’s now become a special annual event.

I always say I have the best fans! They’re so animated about where they live and the history of the surrounding waters. One guy I met at an art show had such enthusiasm for what I do, I asked him to join me on an upcoming dive. He wasn’t a diver, but enjoyed snorkeling, so if he was up for it, so was I.

We ended up at a fast-moving site, close to shore where he could wade. He found all kinds of stuff. Bags and bags. At one point though, he stepped on what I thought was a spike, and it went right through his sneaker. Turned out it was an old bicycle pedal, which with some effort I pulled out of his foot. Hopefully, the treasure he took out of the site was worth the rough patch.