Old Bottle Sea Glass of Maine


I have kind of a didactic memory of all my dives and artifact finds over the years. One time when I headed north for my business, I found myself in Bryant Pond, Maine. After a brief investigative trip around the pond, I was excited to find a town beach, with a float about thirty yards out. That’s always a good sign of a possible a debris trail out and back. So I went through the process of getting all my gear on and set up, trucking down into the pond. Before diving, I set my metal detector into three inches of water, and it sounded off. Right along the edge, I came up with a huge gold wedding band! All along the debris trail were coins and fishing lures. Next I decided to move to the old factory mill building over by the railroad tracks. Near the town beach, the water is only 12 to 18 feet deep, but in this spot, it is 25 to 40. Again I geared up and hit the bottom, forgetting to put on my hood! Argh! Wicked cold! I immediately found two broken cathedral pickle bottles, great grist for my artifact art, so back up I went. Retrieving the forgotten hood, I quickly headed back down. In that one hole, I found seven more broken pickles. My very first cathedral pickle lampshade was made from those pickle fragments.