Old Bottle Sea Glass of Maine

Our Story

Hi, I’m Rick Carney. Welcome to Old Bottle Sea Glass of Maine.

As a treasure diver for over 30 years, I have been under water almost as much as I’ve roamed around on land. Most of the sites where I dive are underwater bottle dumps in the lakes, rivers and ocean harbors of New England. I dive year-round in Maine, recovering thousands of items dating from the 1790s to the 1890s. Though I can’t always count on great visibility, each site typically yields hundreds of whole items and countless broken fragments of glass and pottery that I later use in my glassworks.

Having been a glass collector even longer than I’ve been a diver, I have extensive knowledge of bottles, pottery and crockery, and know the time period most items come from and their general worth in today’s market. Through our time together, my wife, Cindy, has also come to know quite a lot about the treasure that I turn into artifact art. An editor by trade and a stylist at heart, Cindy adds the spit and polish to our business, on our Web site, in my gallery and at our many shows throughout the year.

I craft a variety of one-of-a-kind products—from stained-glass windows and lampshades to seascape treasure boxes and sea-glass pendants, earrings and key chains—which I then sell at fairs and festivals, mostly throughout New England. I always have some smaller items on my table that I offer as “booty” to patrons, such as porcelain doll heads, clay pipes and various antique treasures and artifacts.

If you live in Maine or are planning to visit soon, check out my schedule of shows, or call or email for an appointment to see my gallery. I look forward to meeting you and sharing stories of my underwater adventures.

From Our Fans

Joan’s Lamp

…my sea glass lamp is perfect! It looks so awesome—perfect size, amazing colors to look at! The shade does exactly what I wanted it to do—hold its colors when illuminated. The colors that you incorporated into the shade are…an absolute compliment to the painting in my foyer.
-Joan S.

Wendy’s Window Hanging

My husband bought a few things from you at the Rockland Lobster Festival. Attached you will find a picture of the stained glass that I bought. When I brought it home I realized it went with a kiln-fired yellow vase that my father made many years ago—a perfect duet. Thank you for your talent. I’m sure we will stop by the next time we go to the Festival.
-Wendy J.

Foster’s Stoddard Bottle

Your framed bottle piece is hanging…looks great. We live in an old house so fits right in…. The pictures above your framed bottle are the five generations, starting with Joseph Foster on the left, George W. Foster, Adelbert M. Foster, John M. Foster and John J. Foster.
-John and Sue F.
Note: John Foster is a direct descendent of Keene, New Hampshire, glassblower, Joseph Foster, who founded the South Stoddard Glass Works in 1842.

Artifact Art Collection

Artifact Art Collection

The art you make is amazing! I have several pieces now that remain a constant fixture in my home. When the curtains are pulled back and the sun glows through the stained glass shutters you made, I can’t help but stare at the colors. The framed art on the wall is also some of my favorite artwork in my home. I can’t wait to see you guys again. I look forward to adding to my collection.Josh J.